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Tianjiang Pharmaceutical's Trip to the United States

Promotes Chinese Medicine Culture

and Accelerates Internationalization

Tianjiang Chinese Herbal Extracts








An event aimed at further spreading and developing the culture of Chinese medicine, enhancing the exchanges and cooperation between Chinese and American Chinese medicine, enabling Chinese medicine services and products to enter the international traditional medicine market, and accelerating the pace of internationalization of Chinese medicine. Tianjiang Pharmaceuticals presented November 6 to November 14th—led by General Manager Yu Min—about a series of academic and clinical research cooperation exchanges and brand promotion activities that were carried out in the United States.

The first stop, group A:


San Francisco Highland and Sutter Health Hospital Chinese Medicine Clinical Research Cooperation


Yu Min, general manager of Tianjiang Pharmaceutical, was invited by the U.S. Highland Hospital and Sutter Health Affiliate to visit the two hospitals on November 6th.

Highland Hospital was the first Western medicine hospital in the United States to have a clinical teaching base for acupuncture and Chinese Medicine. As a representative of private hospitals, Sutter Health has more than 20 medical facilities. The Tianjiang delegation visited the two hospitals to learn about the development of traditional Chinese medicine in public and private hospitals in the United States.


Both sides have conducted detailed discussions on cooperation models in clinical research and education and academic fields. They have also reached a cooperation intention, which is of great significance. This will open a new chapter in the clinical research of traditional Chinese medicine by the American West Hospitals.


▲The delegation visited Sutter Health

hosp bed.png

▲ The delegation visited Highland Hospital

The First stop, group B:


Tianjiang Pharmaceutical Los Angeles Distribution Center was established


▲The picture shows Mr. Ken Rausch, President of the Aiman ​​City Chamber of Commerce, on behalf of the Chamber of Commerce, welcoming Tianjiang Pharmaceutical and congratulating the event.

Zou Zengqiang, deputy general manager of Tianjiang Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., arrived in Los Angeles on November 6th, 2018 to attend the cooperation and exchange meeting of the UPC Medical. They jointly established the Los Angeles Distribution Center of Tianjiang Pharmaceutical.


Also present at the conference were Ken Rausch, President of the Amman City Chamber of Commerce, Christine Knight, Director of Marketing and Membership, Chen Dafang, President of the California Acupuncture and Chinese medicine Association, Philip Yi, President of Guanshu Biotech, Chao Zhang, President of Blue Light Inc., and Tianjiang Pharmaceuticals US General Agent and Distributor.


▲The photo (left) shows Mr. Zouqiang introducing the development, production, R&D and quality control, clinical research and product features of Tianjiang Pharmaceutical to the media. The photo (right) shows the opening ceremony of the Los Angeles Distribution

group photo.png

▲ Tianjiang Pharmaceutical Los Angeles Distribution Center unveiled the ceremony successfully and took a group photo.

The second stop:


Participated in the 2018 US Supplyside West in Las Vegas


From November 8th to November 9th, the U.S. 2018 SUPPLYSIDE WEST was held at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center in Las Vegas. Tianjiang Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. and Tianjiang Pharmaceutical's U.S. General Agent and distributor Blue Light Inc. participated in the exhibition.


The 15th Supplyside West Exhibition hosted by Virgo Publishing Inc. of the United States is based on Herbal extracts, functional food ingredients, pharmaceutical raw materials, cosmetic raw materials and health care ingredients. It is a large-scale professional exhibition of raw materials for medicines and health products in the United States. The exhibition is mainly a trade show, but it is also an educational forum for industry development trends, scientific research results, and is a shared platform for international cooperation.


SupplySide West is committed to the development of finished consumer products alongside innovation and marketing strategy to promote the growth of the global business economy. Held once a year, it is a very important platform for enterprises to open the mainstream Chinese herbal medicine in the U.S. market. This exhibition attracted more than 2,000 exhibiting companies, more than 20,000 visitors, and held an exhibition area of more than 20,000 square meters.


Tianjiang Pharmaceutical participated in this exhibition for their first time. The company collected a large amount of first-hand information on the mainstream market and accumulated experience so that enterprises may expose their mainstream market to the U.S. market. Tianjiang Pharmaceutical plans to participate in the annual exhibition regularly in the future. The company plans to organize academic lectures provided by well-known Chinese and American experts in China and the United States.


Tianjiang Pharmaceuticals will spread the Chinese medicine culture, and gradually lead the mainstream Chinese herbal medicine market towards the healthy track that is conducive to the development of the U.S. market. During the exhibition, more than 70 companies from the United States, Japan, Brazil, Israel, Mexico, and Germany visited the company booth to discuss and engage in inquiry. This exhibition has taken the Tianjiang Pharmaceutical Industry overseas into the market place of nutraceutical raw materials.

The third stop:

Harvard Chinese Medicine Forum and Tianjiang Traditional Chinese Medicine Formula Particles Academic Forum


(▲The picture is given by Yu Min, general manager)

On November 11, the 2018 Harvard TCM & Tianjiang Granule Extract Forum was held at the Harvard Medical School, McLean Hospital. Nearly 100 American scholars and Chinese medicine practitioners participated in the forum. At the forum, General Manager Yu Min delivered a speech entitled "Developing Traditional Chinese Medicine Preparations, Serving Human Health - Talking about the Development of Chinese Granule Extract in China". In the speech, General Manager Yu Min delved into the history of traditional Chinese medicine as a starting point, which he stated eventually led to the development of modernization of traditional Chinese medicine. He then introduced the research progress of Chinese Granule Extract.

Tianjiang Pharmaceutical is committed to the development of the "full industrial chain digitalization" of traditional Chinese medicine quality management mode. Quality management is tested and monitored from the source—seedlings, seeds, medicinal materials plantation—to the production process and finished products.


For the first time, Tianjiang Pharmaceutical held an academic forum at Harvard University, a prominent and scholarly education institution in the United States. This forum is not only a platform for deep exchanges between Chinese and American companies and practitioners in the field of Chinese medicine, but also promotes the modernization, standardization and internationalization of Chinese medicine.  As a Member of the National Academy of Sciences of China, Chen Keji gave a congratulatory message to this forum: "Developing Chinese medicinal herbal extracts, preparations to serve the people of the world's five continents."

chinese writing.png

▲The picture shows the Member of the National Academy of Sciences of China, Chen Keji gave a congratulatory message to this forum


(▲The picture shows Mr. Zhang Qunhao, Executive Chairman member of the World Federation of Chinese Medicine Societies., President of the American Massachusetts Medical Association, and Chairman of the Harvard Chinese Medicine Forum presidents the Certificate of Appreciation to Mr. Yu Min.)

group ohoytoj.jpg
group c.png
american scholars.png

  ▲ Pictured for the group photo of the American scholars and Chinese medicine practitioners participates

The fourth stop:

Follow-up of Harvard Chinese Medicine Forum

On November 12th, the second day of the Harvard TCM Forum, Mr. Zhang Qunhao, president of the Massachusetts Chinese Medicine Association, invited Mr. Yu to lead the Tianjiang Pharmaceutical team to visit the First Affiliated Hospital of Harvard Medical School - Massachusetts General Hospital, the largest Western hospital in the United States; also known as the birthplace of Western medicine.


▲The picture is the President Zhang Qunhao and Tianjiang Group

The fifth stop:


New York Medical School visit

On November 13th, Tianjiang Pharmaceutical Delegation arrived at the hospital for an exchange visit by the invitation of Professor Li Xiumin of the New York Medical College. The delegation visited Professor Li Xiumin's laboratory and discussed with her team members and the leaders of the New York Medical College the profound cooperation between the two sides in the basic research and clinical research of Chinese medicine. Professor Li Xiumin is a professor of the Department of Microbiology and Immunology at the New York School of Medicine, director of the Center for Integrative Medicine Center in Clinical Immunology, and a recipient of the 2016 Future Health Technology Award.


▲The photo shows the Tianjiang Pharmaceutical Delegation and the research team of Professor Li Xiumin


(▲The photo shows the Tianjiang Pharmaceutical Delegation and the Chair person team of the Department of Immunology, New York Medical College)




Tianjiang Pharmaceutical's trip to the United States got them involved with a variety of significant entities in the Chinese medicine field: The United States Highland Hospital, Sutter Health for clinical research of traditional Chinese medicine, the Harvard Academic Forum for academic lectures, and the New York Medical College. Each institution or platform aimed to conduct basic scientific  research on traditional Chinese medicine, and attended the US industrial trade show by the market to progress development of the Chinese medicine raw material market.


Tianjiang Pharmaceutical has received enriched experience from visiting hospitals, researching markets, researching policies, and exchanging academics, especially in the mainstream of medicine in the U.S. The company not only recognizes the dilemma of development of traditional Chinese medicine in the mainstream medical market in the West, but also sees that history has given us unprecedented opportunities for change. Via the progress of society and the expansion of science and technology, the spectrum of diseases has undergone tremendous change, and the medical goals and models have undergone tremendous change, as well. Traditional Chinese medicine and Western modern medicine can complement each other and develop synergistically. As Chen Zhu, the former Minister of Health of China said, "The convergence of the two cognitive forces between the East and the West is an inevitable trend in the promotion and development of modern medicine to a higher level. This convergence has enriched and improved the connotation of Chinese and Western medicine.".


The Tianjiang team conducted a more comprehensive and thorough group discussion in New York and made a systematic U.S. market development plan. They decided to use the achievements and advantages of Tianjiang in China to promote the traditional Chinese medicine. Tianjiang plans to abide to requirements of Western modern medicine, design scientific and clinical research programs, launch products suitable for the U.S. market and build systematic distribution systems. By carrying out scientific research cooperation, academic lectures, Chinese medicine and acupuncture eduction programs, and public wellness education Tianjiang Pharmaceutical may be the first brand in the U.S. Chinese herbal extract market.


Tianjiang Pharmaceutical's deep interaction with the American Chinese medicine industry has effectively promoted the company's internationalization process. Traditional Chinese medicine is a treasure of ancient Chinese culture and a central part of the world's medical treasury. The development of Chinese medicine and its service to human health are the tenets of Sinopharm Tianjiang.

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