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Intelligent Manufacturing

The company has developed a new mode of Intelligent Manufacturing and Control System that run through the entire industrial chain in herbal granule production. The system involves information integration application systems such as MES, NC ERP, SCADA, LIMS, QMS, WMS, etc. The System has function of monitoring and controlling the automation and information management of the whole production process, such as research data collection, procurement, manufacturing, sales, logistics, warehousing, and intelligent distribution.

The new model of Intelligent Manufacturing and Control System has achieved the whole industry supply chain of Chinese herbal extract granules with "traceable source, traceable destination and controllable quality". As a demonstration project, Tianjiang Pharmaceutical has contributed an overall solution to promote digital manufacturing of Chinese herbal medicine. The system passed the inspection of The China Ministry of Industry and Information Technology on February 23, 2021

Intelligent Manufacturing and Control System made great contribution to the industry: 


1. Accurately and timely recorded the numbers of products, material inventory locations, opening up the information sharing with cross-regional subsidiary factories, and effectively formulate production plans.


2. Replaced the original practice of manually recording the temperature of the equipment every five minutes and recording a large amount of data manually in the extraction process. By building a SCADA system, integrating DCS and PLC systems, collecting production-related data online, monitoring production status and alarming abnormal conditions in real time, and effectively reducing labor input, it meets Tianjiang requirements for production process flow specifications, data timeliness, and authenticity.


3. Intelligent Manufacturing and Control System monitors the quality control points of each batch through the assigned MES batch number, so that the source of materials and the destination of finished products can be accurately recorded, and the quality data of materials and finished products in any batch can be correlated and traced. By do that, that the quality of products are more stable and controllable.


4. Through intelligent transformation and construction, the company has gradually increased its production capacity to an annual output of 12,000 tons of extract granules. By optimizing the production process and improving equipment utilization, the energy consumption per unit of output value has been reduced by 26.82% compared with that before the transformation. the production efficiency increased by 32.44%.

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