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AllerCare Extract Blend  - Bi Qiu Tang   1 kg / 2.2 lbs

AllerCare Extract Blend - Bi Qiu Tang 1 kg / 2.2 lbs

Premium Full-Spectrum Herbal Formulas

Produced by the World’s Largest Supplier

  • Water-based extraction
  • 5:1 Concentration ratio
  • Free of chemical solvents
  • Raw materials sourced directly from the farms
  • Tested with CNAS & ISO/IEC17025 standards
  • Manufacturer with ISO 9001/14001/10012 & GMP standards
  • Same-Day Fulfillment from our New York Warehouse for in stock products


Order Size: 1 kg ( 2.2 lbs ) / 5 kg (11.02 Ibs) / 25 kg (55.12 Ibs)


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Bi Qiu Tang


Bi Qiu Tang - Astragalus & Magnolia Flower Combination

Dispels wind and secures the exterior and the lungs while supplementing the spleen and kidneys. Eliminates dampness and transforms phlegm, opening the flow of the nasal orifices.



Bi Qiu Tang is indicated for allergies occurring due to invading wind evils, deficiency of the lungs, and kidney Qi not securing the exterior. This is manifested through sneezing, a runny nose, itching/watery eyes, congestion, nasal drip, cough, and/or headaches. Suitable for both seasonal and year-round use; this formula deals with the root of the condition by strengthening the spleen and lung Qi.



Bai Zhu (White Atractylodes)


Bo He (Mentha)




Chan Yi (Cicada)




Dang Shen (Codonopsis)



Fang Feng (Siler)




Gan Cao (Licorice)




He Zi (Terminalia)




Huang Qi (Astragalus)



Jie Geng (Platycodon)



Jing Jie (Schizonepeta)



Shan Yao (Dioscorea)



Wu We Zi (Schizandra)



Xin Yi Hua (Magnolia Flower)



Yi Yi Ren (Coix)




Ze Xie (Alisma)





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