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The World’s Largest Plant

The World’s Largest Plant

Full-Spectrum Whole Herb Extracts

GMP & ISO Certified

GMP & ISO Certified

Pharmaceutical Standard Production

ISO Certified Testing Laboratory

ISO Certified Testing Laboratory

Comprehensive Tests

GACP Gastrodia Farm

GACP Gastrodia Farm

Geo-Authentic Raw Materials and Dao Di Sourcing

Wholly-owned subsidiary of the world's largest pharmaceutical group -- Sinopharm
Dietary supplements made with pharmaceutical standards
Direct sourcing connection
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Top Quality


for Manufacturers

  • Pharmaceutical GMP

  • Dietary Supplement cGMP

  • ISO Production and Testing

No.1 Supplier

for Hospitals and


  • Supply top AAA-level TCM hospitals

  • Supply 70% of provincial TCM hospitals 

  • First choice for US practitioners


Vertical Quality Control from Seed to Finished Products


Full Spectrum to provide a full range of plant constituents in balance

Full Traceability of Quality Assurance from seed to finished products


Sustainable and Authentic Raw Material directly from 110 CACP farms across 22 provinces

Batch-to-Batch Consistency to guarantee product consistency and potency


Solvent Free with pure, clean, natural water extraction to maintain the purity


Instantly Water Soluble to meet health, beverage, cosmetic, and food supplement product requirements

World Class Production in ISO 9001:2015/ISO 14001:2015 /ISO 10012:2003 and GMP certified facility. Computerized Digital Control System implemented through the entire process from raw materials selection, processing, and production to packaging


CNAS Lab Tests with ISO/IEC17025 laboratory standards for botanical identification, potency, authentication, heavy-metal, pesticide residue, and microbiological analysis


Working directly with the world’s largest producer of full-spectrum standardized herbal extracts, the global industry leader in scientific research, the 45 patent owner of intellectual property, and the key technologies of full-spectrum herbal extracts. The one manufacturer with the full capacity to turn everything from botanical farming to finished products.

  • Supply premium herbal ingredients for health, nutrition, food, and beverage products

  • Custom manufacturing solutions

  • Custom extract blends in bulk packages or finished product packages

  • Customized granulations (Dry granulations with patented technology)

  • Clinical research network

  • Product development solutions

  • US distribution and fulfillment



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