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Er Chen Tang / Two-Ancient Extract Blend  1 kg / 2.2 lbs

Er Chen Tang / Two-Ancient Extract Blend 1 kg / 2.2 lbs

Premium Full-Spectrum Herbal Formulas

Produced by the World’s Largest Supplier

  • Water-based extraction
  • 5:1 Concentration ratio
  • Free of chemical solvents
  • Raw materials sourced directly from the farms
  • Tested with CNAS & ISO/IEC17025 standards
  • Manufacturer with ISO 9001/14001/10012 & GMP standards
  • Same-Day Fulfillment from our New York Warehouse for in stock products


Order Size: 1 kg ( 2.2 lbs ) / 5 kg (11.02 Ibs) / 25 kg (55.12 Ibs)


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Er Chen Tang


Er Chen Tang - Citrus & Pinella Combination

Dries dampness and dissolves phlegm, rectifies Qi, and harmonizes the center.



Er Chen Tang is indicated for damp-phlegm patterns. The symptoms include a cough with profuse white phlegm that is easy to be expectorated, nausea and vomiting, chest stuffiness, fatigue and heavy feelings of the body or limbs, vertigo and palpitation. The tongue coating is glossy white or white and greasy, and the pulse is slippery. The property of this formula is dry. Use it with caution with dryness-phlegm. It is prohibited to use for yin deficient, and blood deficient.



Ban Xia (Fa) (Soaked Pinella)


Fu ling (Hoelen)




Gan Cao (Mi) (Processed Licorice)


Ju Hong (Orange Peel)






Formulas from the Imperial Pharmacy (太平惠民和劑局方, Tai Ping Hui Min He Ji Ju Fang).

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