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Newsletter - April, 2019

What are TCM Experts using

Liu Wei Di Huang Wan for?

Diabetes: A study treated 53 cases of diabetes with a variation of this formula (one dose daily; treated for 20 days), and reported that the treatment was significantly effective in 46 cases, effective in 5 cases, and with no response in 2 cases.[i]  Another study treated 65 cases of noninsulin-dependent diabetes with a variation of this formula. Of the 65 cases, 16 had a blood sugar content of 7.7-8.33mmol/L, 34 of 8.34-13.88mmol/L, and 15 greater than 13.88mmol/L.  The patients were treated with one dose daily (water decoction taken orally five times a day), and the results were as follows: the treatment was significantly effective in 30 cases, effective in 28 cases, and with no response in 7 cases.[ii]

Nephritis: A study reported of curing 16 cases of nephritis with this a treatment based on this formula (with two additional ingredients, Ye Mu Cao and Ban Bian Lian, added to the formula). Of the 16 cases, 10 were of chronic  and 4 of acute nephritis, with the remaining 2 of latent nephritis.[iii]

Kidney and ureter stone: Of 32 cases of urinary system stones treated with a variation of this formula (one dose daily in water decoction), one study reported, 30 cases passed the stone(s), with only 2 cases with no response.[iv]

Hyperthyroidism: A study treated 31 cases of hyperthyroidism with a variation of this formula. Of the 31 cases, 28 manifested a diffue goiter, 15 cases a vascular murmur, 13 an exorbitism, 29 a significant weight loss, 28 an abnormal heart rate (higher than normal), and all cases had a higher-than-normal iodine uptake rate. After a treatment of between 15 and 20 doses, most cases experienced a significant improvement in the symptoms, with the iodine uptake rate significantly lowered and returned to normal, and the vascular murmur significantly decreased or disappeared.[v]

Tumor and cancer: One study reported of treating 102 cases of various malignant tumors with this formula. Since day one of their concurrent chemotherapy, all cases started taking the formula orally, three times daily, each time 10ml. A treatment for 20 consecutive days was found to have enhanced the effect of, and lessened the side effects of, the concurrent chemotherapy.[vi]

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